An Open Letter to Nate Easley – Top 10 Reasons he’s not ready for DPS board presidency
The Top 10 Reasons Why You’re Not Ready to be DPS Board President “Whether arrogant or naive, his decision to run does not reflect mature judgment…”Susan Barnes-Gelt, OpEd-The Denver Post on Nate Easley’s decision to run for DPS Board President 11/29/09 Nate, say it ain’t so! I am among your original base of supporters who helped to launch your campaign started in my living room, yet who is disappointed and disillusioned by your abandonment of your own campaign principles of transparency, communication and community engagement in light of your current back-door dealings to catapult yourself as president of the Denver Public Schools (DPS) Board of Education. In case you have forgotten why we grassroots organizers pushed for a power-shift on the DPS board, let me remind you: we need leaders who understand that high performing schools and community engagement are not mutually exclusive concepts; and that we need visionary leaders who could create alternative educational models that don’t rely on paternalistic, top-down educational frameworks that blame teachers, isolate parents, while red-lining children of color into militaristic & regimented cloning academies.