NOISELF RADIO Masters of West African guitar and Indian sitar and sarod -
We dedicate this session of the month, taking the opportunity of our two upcoming posts, to Ali Farka Toure, who represents the original desert blues sound from the north of Mali, as well as other masters west african guitar players as Boubacar Traore, follows by piece of Bill Frisell dedicated to him with his name, and Kante Manfila “lost album” from 1980 featuring Salif Keita. Close to the end, presenting a coming soon post dedicated to six-box set published by Ocora, the prestigious and historical label founded by Radio France for a musicologistic projects all around the world. On this time we travel to India with the very first historial session in 1967 between Ravi Shankar and Yehudi Menuhin. Two impressive ragas filling out our proposal.