Financial Aid | The NOCCA Institute
NOCCA STUDENTS: Click here for a 2018-19 Term-Time Financial Aid form.Click here for a 2019 Summer Study Financial Aid form. Although NOCCA is tuition-free, a significant percentage of students come from households with incomes at or below the poverty line. The NOCCA Institute's Financial Aid Program helps those young artists cover the cost of participating in NOCCA's school-year program and enroll in other challenging training programs during the summer months: The Institute's Term-Time Financial Aid Program offers assistance to students for the equipment, supplies, and private lessons they need to keep pace with NOCCA's curriculum. For example, shoes for young dancers cost about $60, and a student may go through six pair in a year. Musicians must take care of their instruments and are typically required to take extracurricular lessons. Without Term-Time aid, such expenses -- combined with transportation and other costs of attending NOCCA -- would be unmanageable for