Academic Studio | The NOCCA Institute
"What NOCCA excels at is seamless shifting from class to class. With the Academic Studio, you never leave your academic classes, or your arts, for the other. It's an environment where the arts are utilized in every core subject and where many classes are intertwined to form a relationship between two seemingly unrelated subjects. We learn how everything that we know -- and will discover -- can be connected. And shouldn't that be the goal of education: learning about the world as an integrated whole?" -- Grayton Newman, Academic Studio student NOCCA is one of America's preeminent high school arts conservatories. It has also been home to one of the most successful learning pedagogies since its founding in 1973. For most of its history, students have attended on a half-day basis, taking academic subjects at public, private, parochial, and home-schools, then traveling to NOCCA for arts classes. Several years ago, NOCCA and The NOCCA Institute set out to create a new academic curriculum