How Beets Help Blood Flow, Energy Generation and Weight Loss | | New Jersey Health Federation
An explosion of recent research on beet-root juice has focused on the large amount of beets' dietary nitrates, which are converted into nitric oxide (NO) in the blood and tissues. NO is a key and ubiquitous messenger molecule in our blood and tissues. Its primary function is to target and eliminate pathogenic micro-organisms, relax and dilate the small blood vessels (capillaries), and stimulate mitochondrial function. It is these last two functions that have garnered the most attention lately. Conventional cardiology is well aware of the role of NO in the treatment of heart disease. One of the oldest and best-studied cardiac medicines is nitroglycerin, which almost every heart patient carries in their pockets. Essentially, nitroglycerin works in the same way as beet-root juice in that it relaxes and dilates the small blood vessels, thereby making blood flow easier to the tissues. Of course, as with all pharmaceuticals, there are side effects and rebound effects that inhibit its