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Nature improves well-being in older adults Article by Dr. Micozzi : My daughter knows firsthand the power of spending time in Nature. She now works as a Maryland State Park Ranger. And under a refreshing new governor, her state now funds a "Youth Park Ranger" program where urban children have an opportunity to get outside in Nature. I can't think of a simpler, healthier program for both mind and body. My daughter's new Nature program is for children, but new research out of the University of Minnesota shows spending time in green and blue spaces (environments with running or still water) offers many health benefits to older people too. As I often say, spending time in Nature every day improves your quality of life at any age. It measurably reduces stress. It also promotes physical, mental and spiritual healing. People can attain these health benefits by spending time outside to "get away from it all." Fortunately, you don't have embark on a Lewis & Clark expedition to gain the