Benefits of d-ribose for cardiovascular heart disease | | New Jersey Health Federation
Like other major organs, the heart and circulatory system needs specific nutrients for peak efficiency, but it can be weakened by an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, stress, and environmental pollutants. Doctor's Best offers a comprehensive array of supplements to support heart health, chief among them is CoQ10, a critical nutrient that becomes depleted by age or cholesterol-lowering drugs. Other heart-healthy supplements include D-ribose and L-carnitine to increase production of ATP, the fuel that powers heart muscles; antioxidants like resveratrol and alpha lipoic acid (ALA) that scavenge artery-damaging free-radicals; nattokinase, which improves blood pressure; and B complex vitamins and vitamins C and E, which affect cholesterol levels, arterial flexibility, and plaque formation.* I am researching the of Benefits of d-ribose for cardiovascular heart disease. I found The following refs for review are under considering: D-Ribose as a Supplement for Cardiac Energy Metabolism D-Ribose