Obaseki: Projections of a new Nigeria political economy - Gistmaster
BASED on my lifelong advocacy for labour rights, peoples’ power and the legitimacy of the media as the Fourth Estate of the Realm, I am historically obliged to be cautious of the hypnotic mantra of intemperate market-oriented economies. From my experienced co- facilitating role in peoples’ conventions for economic justice and independent media forums in Nigeria, Europe and America, I have come to the irrevocable conclusion on the genuine definition of development: that sustainable and equitable economic growth must be founded on paradigms that are people-centred — a strategy that synchronises economic statistics with careful consideration for mass social advancements. The welfare of people cannot be simply subjugated to the close-circuited reasoning and the sole abysmal calculations of ‘profit motives’- such notions and orthodoxy have proved disastrous even in the most-developed global economies in recent decades. Therefore, the issue of growth, the building of humane societies and inclusive economies, are far more exigent for me than the attachments and the tango of the two major political parties with the APC and PDP nomenclatures. The post Obaseki: Projections of a new Nigeria political economy appeared first on Vanguard News.