To Get the Core Message of the Time, Dig: Rachelle of the League of Light
We have entered into the time of transformation that has been spoken of from days long gone up to the present moment of remembered origins and shared intention. Now is the time of throwing off the dark blanket of ignorance and walking into a new day. Are you ready for the responsibility that comes with taking control of your destiny, as a people of a planet that has entered into a new age of self-recognition? Are you ready to know where you are from and the reason you find yourself where you are, right here, right now? Rachelle is a new voice to join the messengers of the League of Light. She speaks with urgency and great wisdom, authority, and power. Hear her message of coming to face the ultimate challenge of a lifetime: Waking up to what has been waited for! This is the first time I have had Rachelle's voice weave with my own. The video starts with a deliberate introduction and quickly picks up speed and energy. Expect to hear more from Rachelle and the League of Light, in a new collection of messages called