Three maritime crimes that inspired the Angus McKinnon thrillers | Nick Elliott
Each book in my trilogy of Angus McKinnon thrillers owes a small part of its plot to the fate of three ships. I thought it may be of interest to present a few bare facts on each case, courtesy of Wikipedia whose terms and those of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, are fully acknowledged. The first book in the trilogy is Sea of Gold. The fate of the Astro Maria described in the book is not dissimilar to that of the Lucona, sunk in the Indian Ocean in January 1977 by a bomb planted by Austrian businessman Udo Proksch, as part of an insurance fraud. Proksch, the owner of the cargo, also then owner of famous Viennese confectioners Demel, claimed 212 mio. schilling (ca. US$20 million) from his insurance company, saying that the cargo was expensive uranium mining equipment. He was subsequently convicted in 1991 of the murder of six crew (of the crew of 12) who were killed by the explosion, and died in prison. The second story, Dark Ocean, draws to some extent on the