Bluefin Announces New Kamen Rider Releases- DX Sengoku Driver & DX DecaDriver! - Tokunation
Bluefin has announced the next entries in their new Kamen Rider distribution plan! Two fan-favorite henshin devices will be available for purchase: *The Sengoku Driver from Kamen Rider Gaim! This new release likely echoes the recently-announced 20th Version– which includes only the Orange LockSeed and the Gaim faceplate. The Sengoku Driver will be released in March 2020! And- *The DX DecaDriver from Kamen Rider Decade! This release will include a selection of Decades’ Rider Cards but an exact count has not been confirmed yet. The DecaDriver will be released in April 2020! Be sure to follow the Bluefin Team » Continue Reading.