New DX Heisei Kamen Rider Progrise Keys Revealed - Tokunation
Rejoice! Familiar faces will be making an appearance in Kamen Rider Zero-One’s Progrise Key line with various Kamen Riders of the Heisei Era having just been revealed and are expecting to come out in early 2020: The following Keys will be released as DXs: DX Kamen Riding Decade DX Best Matching Build DX Level Upping Ex-Aid DX GoGoGoGoing Ghost DX Tire Changing Drive DX on Staging Gaim DX Crime Counting Double DX Thumbs Upping Kuuga DX Wake Upping Kiva DX Turnupping Blade DX Final Venting Ryuki DX Rider Timing Zi-O DX Exceed Charging Faiz DX Ore Visiting Den-O And » Continue Reading.