New Kamen Rider Zero-One Magazine Scans Released- Kamen Rider Jin & Kamen Rider Horobi Fully Revealed! - Tokunation
Once again some new images have been released online detailing the further adventures of Kamen Rider Zero-One! Special highlights this month include: *TWO new Kamen Riders! The sinister duo of Kamen Rider Horobi & Kamen Rider Jin are finally shown in full detail. These two use a new device known as the MetsuboJinrai ForceRiser. Horobi’s signature Progrise Key is the StingScorpion while Jin obtains the FlyingFalcon Key for his own use. *To keep up with these new threats, the current Riders will have to master some new Progrise Keys! Kamen Rider Zero-One is shown using the Freezing Bear Progrise Key » Continue Reading.