Kamen Rider Zero-One October/September Toy Roundup - Tokunation
RISING HOPPER! Kamen Rider Zero-One’s making his grand debut today ushering at the beginning of the Reiwa-Era Kamen Riders. To tie in with such a momentous occasion, a brand new batch of images for the latest roleplay toys coming out in Early October/Late September have just been released. Those products are as follows: DX Hiden Rise Phone out sometime early October for 3200 yen. DX Attach Shotgun out 2019/09/28 for 3800 yen DX Punching Kong Progrise Key released 2019/09/21 for 1500 yen DX Biting Shark Progrise Key Releasing 2019/9/14 for 1500 yen. SG Progrise Key 01 containing Rising Hopper, Rushing » Continue Reading.