Kamen Rider Zeronos & Imagin Return In Kamen Rider Zi-O! - Tokunation
Once again some Kamen Rider veterans are returning to action in Kamen Rider Zi-O! The next visit on schedule for the King of Time is to the era of Toei’s last time-traveling hero, Kamen Rider Den-O! Actor Yuichi Nakamura will reprise his role as the time-displaced Kamen Rider Zeronos! Assisting Zeronos is his faithful Imagin partner Deneb– voiced once again by actor Hochu Otsuka. But that’s not all! The four star Imagin from the World of Den-O will all be returning for this story arc- *Momotaros, played by Toshihiko Seki *Urataros, played by Koji Yusa *Kintaros played by Masaki Terasoma » Continue Reading.