Kishiryu Sentai RyuSoulger DX TigerLance & MilNeedle Official Images Released! - Tokunation
The premiere of the 43rd Super Sentai series, Kishiryu Sentai RyuSoulger is drawing closer and closer! And today we have some new images from the second wave of toys for this exciting new series! These are the KishiRyu belonging to Ryusoul Green & Ryusoul Black, who are not expected to appear with their fellow RyuSoulgers at the beginning of the series. Each KishiRyu adds a different ability to the RyuSoulgers’ arsenal- *Ryusoul Green’s TigerLance is a powerful sabertoothed creature that attacks with teeth and claws. TigerLance combines with KishiRyuOh to create KishiRyuOh TigerLance and grant powerful swordsmanship abilities. *Ryusoul Black’s » Continue Reading.