"Suspicious login attempt" on Instagram | New4Trick.Com
Recently, many Android and iOS device owners started complaining that the smartphone was reporting the message when trying to grab their own Instagram accounts. "Suspicious login attempt: We detected an unusual login attempt. We will send you a security code to verify your identity.Today, we have decided to understand the probable causes of this problem and to propose several solutions.The question is as follows:A user logs on to his account.The message "doubtful connection attempt" appears on the screen. Then, a user is offered to choose a way to receive a security code to connect;After selecting the option "phone", the code is received. The problem is that. After connecting to a new password, a user receives the same "suspicious login attempt" message and the circle is closed.The Instagram forum is full of complaints about this. They look like:Hello, my account is about 5 years old. Now I am faced with the problem that I can not access my account