How to Unlock Bootloader of Xiaomi devices? | New4Trick.Com
The owners of the new Xiaomi devices have encountered an unpleasant problem when they tried to install a custom firmware: the bootloader was locked. A reasonable question is: why Xiaomi, whose products are in great demand not only in the countries where they are officially delivered, prevents the full use of their devices? It turns out that the reason is related to security against theft. Thieves can flash the smartphone and access the personal information stored there. However, if the bootloader is locked, they will not be able to do this because each Xiaomi device is linked to a personal account Mi.How to check if the boot loader is locked?To check if the boot loader of your Xiaomi device is locked, you need to start your smartphone in Fastboot mode, then type the next command:fastboot oem device-infoThe result is visible on the screen in the second line of the response message. Two options are possible:Unlocked device: true Unlocked device: fakeIt is clear that the boot loader lock