How to remove ImeMess from Android devices? | New4Trick.Com
It is not uncommon for Android users to discover suspicious applications. They have not been manually installed and their functions in the system are unknown. It is advisable to delete them if possible. In this article, we discuss how to remove ImeMess from Android devices. About ImeMessImeMess is a virus software kind of addition, which collects and sends user data to the developer. The utility also blocks the integrity of the operating system. It follows and intercepts certain processes (calls, Internet browsing, private data transfer). This utility is the most widely used among imitations of Chinese gadgets where it is integrated. Infected software can also be a virus carrier. How to remove the utility?It is not easy to remove the utility because it is reinstalled via links which OS integrated. We provide a reliable method that shows how to completely remove ImeMess.Open "Settings" - "All Applications". Try to select ImeMess from the list, erase its data and stop