How to fix stuck headphone notification symbol on Xiaomi? | New4Trick.Com
Sometimes, after listening to music, the Xiaomi smartphone brings a surprise, as if the headphones were removed from the socket, but the phone was still blocked in music mode. The headset icon is always displayed in the notification bar. And during this time, a user sees that he is removed from the phone. What's wrong? This is not a serious problem and it is easy to solve. And it's always worth finding the cause of the problem. This problem often affects most Xiaomi devices. Our team has studied the problem and is ready to propose some simple solutions to solve it. The cause is dust and small debrisIn about half of the cases, the cause of the problem is the dust in the earphone hole. Even if the cover of your phone is good, you put it in your bag or in your pocket. There is usually a lot of dust and small debris in our pockets. You put something in it and we are there! So, you have to clean the hole of your headphones. Just take an earphone or a toothpick and gently clean the