How to fix "Error code 404" in Google Play Store | New4Trick.Com
February was a bad surprise for Android users. Earlier this month, many users encountered a problem when they tried to download an app from Google Play Store. Instead of an early processing routine, the error message "The application can not be downloaded. Try again and, if the problem persists, get help on troubleshooting (Error code: 404) "appeared in their screens, follow this instruction and do another try when it is finished without result.The community of Android users has not actually solved the problem to remove the error by themselves. Neither traditional methods (clear the cache and data, go back to the previous version of Google Play, nor delete / add a Google account), nor the radical method, that is, restore the settings to the default settings. factory of an Android device. The 404 error while downloading Google Play apps continued to appear. Indeed, this problem has nothing to do with smartphones or tablets. The problem is caused by working server. Precisely,