How to disable system apps in MIUI 10 without root access? | New4Trick.Com
You have probably noticed that there is no way to disable system applications on Xiaomi phones without having root access. Maybe it's for those who follow the rules. Admittedly, the dashing boys are taking a roundabout route. And what's more interesting, they archive their goals. So we will tell you how to disable system apps on Xiaomi under MIUI 10 without getting root access.Our experience shows that Xiaomi and Huawei users still have problems with Google apps. For example, some Xiaomi phones with Chinese ROM are still trying to install Google apps or services. After MIUI 10 Users of the latest version more often complain about the popular model Xiaomi Mi 8. It is still problematic to remove or disable Google applications on version 8. Do not worry, the path is found! Anyone can use it to disable system applications on all Xiaomi models.Obviously, it is very painful to manage your own phone as you please. The best thing about Android is the ability to fine tune your phone.