How to Bypass Google Account Verification on Android Oreo? (2018) | New4Trick.Com
Sometimes our androids offer us surprises that are difficult to estimate clearly. On one side, a novelty is useful, on the other, it can cause trouble. The same innovation has appeared for smartphones made by some OEMs after the release of Android 6 Marshmallow. This is what is called a Protection against Google resets (FRP).You probably already understood that this feature is launched after a factory reset of an Android device. Plus, it does not matter if a user has reset their Google Account or their Android has done it automatically after the update. The developers claim that this feature is part of a device protection feature in case a smartphone is stolen or lost. Clearly, it serves thieves well. But what about homeowners? Apparently, they pay for their lack of order. What can be seen on the screen after a hard reset? Just the statement to check your account. It's like that. Those who have forgotten or have not saved or transferred their account data to the third hand will pay