Error [OR-DVASA2-02]: "Your account isn't eligible for mobile payment service. Call your mobile operator" | New4Trick.Com
Recently, many Android users complained while trying to buy an app in Google Play Store or make an integrated purchase via Direct Operator Billing (DCB). Call your mobile operator. [OR-DVASA2-02]Today, we have decided to identify the possible causes of this error and to suggest some solutions to remedy it. There are several examples:1) I try to use direct billing to my mobile operator. Before, I could charge my mobile operator, but I can not do it anymore because of the error code [OR-DVASA2-02].2) When I try to buy Google Play Store with my mobile balance, I receive this message: "Your account is not eligible for mobile payment service. [OR-DVASA2-02]".3) I can not buy apps and games using service provider billing because it did not check my account. And it continues to show [OR-DVASA2-03] code.4) I want to buy something in my game app via DCB but I could not. Whenever I try, it says "Can not check your account. Try again later. [OR-DVASA2-03].There are many topics