I am a casual observer, consumer, and lover of geek and nerd cultures. When I'm not working, I'm crafting a costume, watching movies and TV shows, writing, and secretly moonlighting as Batgirl. My motto is "to live each day as nerdily as possible," and that's what I want to reflect here. In the end, why lie to yourself? We're all nerds, so let's embrace it! Even if no one understands that reference. Here on Nerd∙ily, I try to make that motto a reality with every post. If a nerdy day consists of reading comics, working on a DIY, bingeing a beloved show, cosplaying, or anything in between, then Nerd∙ily has you covered! With a post at least once a week, the limit does not exist to all of the nerdy possibilities. So, follow the fandom, and welcome to Nerd∙ily!