Do You Require A Male Voice Over Artist? | | English Male Voice Over Artist
Are you choosing a voiceover for your project? Research has shown than male voices are associated with neutrality and are particularly great for conveying authoritative, factual information. While female voices are more associated with nurturing and compassion. However, researchers found that in terms of 'forcefulness', there wasn't much difference- if any- between the two. No matter your target demographic or the message, why not make life easier with Neil Williams, male voice over artist? No matter the style, tone or accent you're after, Neil is a highly versatile voice over artist with his own recording studio. He has over fifteen years experience and has worked on a wide range of projects. Voicing young to middle aged males with a neutral English accent, his voice is warm, friendly and highly professional sounding. As a male voiceover artist with studio he offers the complete voice over service! This includes preparing the script, voicing at his studio in London,