Burner Campaign Runs on Blind Optimism and Rainbows
Despite having pulled off a rare loss in a nationwide sea electoral victories for Democrats in 2006, 8th District Democrat Darcy Burner retains a foolish sense of optimism about her prospects of winning in this year's rematch with Congressman Dave Reichert. Burner brings a number of strong advantages to the table in 2008 that she did not have in 2006. Her experience as a political hopeful has now topped three years, which is over three times as extensive as it was in 2006. She also sees her 2006 loss as a strong advantage for her 2008 campaign. The Democrat majority in congress has as yet failed to end the war in Iraq, said Burner, but when I am elected I will single-handedly bring our troops home and end the imperialistic oppression of the Iraqi people.