Seattle City Council Passes Critically Important Scooter-Mover Fine
In a landmark unanimous 7-0 vote Monday, the Seattle City Council decisively addressed one of the cities' biggest problems: rogue scooter-movers. As the price of gasoline has risen to absolutely unbearable levels and riding a bicycle has remained as physically challenging as ever, an average of 50,000 new scooters per week have been added to Seattle streets. Feeling increasingly alone and intimidated in the massive sea of brightly-colored two-wheeled toys, some car drivers have taken indecent moving liberties with scooters that do not belong to them. I cannot believe that some people would have the gall to move a scooter just so they can get their car out of a parallel parking spot, said Councilmember Jan Drago, chair of the Transportation Committee. It is low-life criminals like this that can really ruin an otherwise perfect paradise of a city.