Mommy, I’ve 2 Girlfriends! - My One Cent Worth of Thoughts
It’s the favourite time of my day! After lights out, we have our little chit chat in the dark. 小小宝贝 :Mommy! I’ve 2 girlfriends! 👧🏻 👧🏻 宝贝口水妹:What?! I don’t even have a boyfriend and you have TWO girlfriends?? Me : Are you sure they are your girlfriends!? 小小宝贝:Yes! (He insisted) Both of them said they liked me! ☺️ And I like them too! Me : Erm, Lezen and Clara? 小小宝贝 :(giggled) Yes! Me : Didn’t you say that Elijah (his... Read More Read More