Blonds Belong at Cafe Belong-Madonna ! - MY NAME IS HOLLYWOOD KHAN
The United States of America flag and that of Sweden was not displayed above the London’s 68,000 stadium during the Olympics of 1908. The Swedes skipped the opening ceremony while the United States of America flag bearer Ralph Rose from the University of Michigan refused to dip the flag for the reviewing Royal Box of King Edward VII. Martin Sheridan, the captain of the American team later defended Ralph Rose by stating, “This flag dips to no earthly king”. Madonna is also from Michigan, and my grandmother resided in Michigan and thus our lives become intertwined due to the subject of Madonna’s second outing as a director. My grandmother would never have hosted HRH Queen Elizabeth II had it not been for the abdication of HRH Edward VIII. So this blond women from Michigan found a subject she was interested in and went off to co-write it and direct it. This is not a film review so I will abstain from going there, it’s difficult to get films made and do them the way you want is even more difficult just ask Brad Pitt. Madonna got the film made and she mounted it beautifully, the film that is.While Madonna paraded the red carpet and did what she does the team of Chef Brad Long were busy also doing what they do on this day 5 of Toronto International Film Festival. Cafe Belong The kitchen at Cafe Belong was in full swing as usual. This is going to make you very hungry. Cafe Belong food to go with the film W.E. was being prepared and a wine was selected to accompany it. The party never stops for the Material Girl, Cafe Belong and My Name is Khan. by