F1Belgian Grand Prix S.Vettel takes it!! - MY NAME IS HOLLYWOOD KHAN
It ended with Vettel negotiating the final chicane and crossing over the finish line, followed by Webber and Jenson Button finishing third which is impressive as he started in thirteenth place. Alonso came in fourth for Ferrari while Schumacher finished fifth having started last, now that’s driving on your 20th anniversary.At Belgian Grand Prix at Spa the biggest uncertainty was the weather this is Spa and you can never trust the Spa weather, you might as well be in Scotland. A metaphorical storm was also brewing at the track as blistering tyres have been causing controversy. The name Senna again return to F1 with a surprising performance by Bruno Senna who started in seventh place in his Renault. This is Royal Dutch country and the gird girls where all smiles, ready for the race tyre management is going to play a major part in this race as the blistering tyre drama is likely to continue after the race. As I had said at the start of this season it’s all going to be about the tyres, the ballet in the pits and the drama.Get ready for Italy up next and some great pasta, as well as the Toronto International Film Festival, wow, cars, food, films, and well lot’s and lot’s of eye candy here at My Name is Khan where the party never