Alexa Chung and the sizzle of Bollywood 2011 - MY NAME IS HOLLYWOOD KHAN
I have always liked Alexa Chung. What is about her? it’s that Tom boy, casual, and off course that English charm. After a stint in New York Alexa came back to London and like many in fashion jets back and forth. Alexa is the new face of Superga, the Italian footwear brand. This is a good move by Superga as Alexa radiates that effortlessly casual look, that all Italians exude. Ciao Alexa and bravo Superga.The richness of both Indian and Pakistani fashion comes from it’s selection of fabrics. I commend the young designers who are adding both their own flair to an already textured style with a touch of exotic. The adventure of discovery has begun at MY NAME IS KHAN to seek out the new designers and the people of fashion the likes of Alexa Chung. by