Dermatology Study Morning
1. Psoriasis Fundamental knowledge base. Differential diagnosis. Review of Primary care treatments. Suggested treatment combinations. Management of scalp Psoriasis. Indications for referral.2. Dermatology in Pigmented skin Normal variants: Futcher’s lines, Mongolian Blue spot, Naevus of Ota. Diseases seen more commonly in pigmented skin: Includes: Post-inflammatory pigmentary change, Dermatosis papulosa Nigra, Punctate keratosis, Acne Keloidis Nuchae, Pseudo-folliculitis. Common diseases that look different in pigmented skin: Follicular Eczema, Lichen Planus, various Pityriasis diseases.3. Pre-malignant & Malignant lesions: Actinic Keratosis Bowen’s disease BCC SCC Melanoma4. Quiz Some common & less common primary care conditions to test yourself on. A relaxed fun quiz, to end the morning.5. The itchy patient Differential diagnosis & Management of the common causes. Appropriate Investigations.6. Q&A session An opportunity to bring your own questions about Dermatology issues you find confusing.