Home Chef Review & $30 Off Coupon! | Food Delivery Reviews & Recipes
What is Home Chef? Home Chef is a meal delivery service that was started by Pat Vihetlic in 2013. The company has successfully managed to position itself as one of the largest and most successful meal delivery services on the market. As of early 2017, over 2.5 million meals are shipped monthly by Home Chef. If you're tired of produce & meat spoiling in your refrigerator, then using a meal delivery service is perfect for you since there will be minimum ingredients left over. On, we rate Home Chef at #2 for meal delivery. How much does Home Chef cost & do you have a coupon code? Each serving is $9.95. Every meal on Home Chef consists of 2 servings. For example, if you decide to order the Brasserie-Style Sirlion Steak meal, you will pay $19.90 and receive enough ingredients to cook two full-size meals. Keep in mind that if your overall order is under $45, you will be charged $10 for shipping. On the other-hand, any orders over $45 will be sent out with free