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Sleep Zzz Pillows help everyone have the perfect night's sleep! These fantastic pillows are wonderful for all ages! And great for cuddling up with a great book! Sweet Sleep Zzz Pillows Sleep Zzz Pillows are fantastic, whether you love sleeping on your side or even to lean back on and read! Getting comfortable in almost any position is so much easier with these pillows! Not to long ago we gave the kids version a run for it's money and it was awesome too! Easy for the little one to snuggle up and fall sleep quickly. We also gave some fantastic tips for making your sleep work for you! Did you know there are beauty treatments you can do while you sleep? Mind blown here! But, back on topic. The Adult sized Sleep Zzz pillow has me understanding how exactly the kids curled up so easily and passed out! It makes you feel snuggled in just right, not too tightly to be restricting and not loose either. I'm also loving it for my bedtime reading! Adding a couple of my regular pillows, one below