School Lunch Ideas | My Crafty Zoo
My Monkey was very excited about taking her lunches, wanting sandwiches everyday. I told her and told her that she would get sick of them, but what do I know! Last year, she got sick of sandwiches pretty quickly. Although I give her kudos for waiting so long to admit it! We seem to have an issue with being wrong! It could be due to the fact that she is a teenager! In order to avoid hearing her whining and complaining, I decided to be pro-active and get creative this year! Hear are some of the ideas I've found and come up with! More often than not, I don't have what I need to actually follow the recipes, so I adjust and make them up as I go! Here are the ones I have tried or am planning to try! I do my best to throw in as much nutrition as possible! Wraps: Shredded chicken, black beans, fresh spinach, and Picante sauce Refried beans, ground meat, rice, and salsa Lunch meat, cheese, mayo Seasoned whole chicken, spinache, and cheese Lunch Meat Pinwheels (I forgot to take the