Prison to Freedom | My Crafty Zoo
This video is from the program in the prison that enabled us to visit and speak to the ladies in the prison. I have a whole post prepared of my story, but I wanted to share this by itself. Mainly because it tells their story, not mine. Even having been there, knowing so much of what is in the video, I can't do justice to the feeling of change and hope among these women, women who are complete strangers but have that 'something' about them. It's amazing how that works, how a power mightier than anything else can take women who will quite possibly die in prison free of a life of pain and turmoil within the bounds of bricks and barbed wire. During our trip, we were able to meet some of these women. It was amazing to meet women who had truly been changed. It brings a new meaning to the word for me. I've studied psychology and have taken a special interest in seeking to understand people who have committed terrible crimes. For whatever reason, I have always wanted to understand the