Mock Chicken Panini | My Crafty Zoo
Hey everyone! Thought I'd bring you this quick and easy little recipe! It's so simple. It's also a great way to get rid of extra chicken without having to make a huge, time consuming meal on these hot summer nights! Ingredients: Boneless Chicken Avocado Tomato Fresh Cilantro Toasted bread Directions: 1. Peal avocado and cut into slices. Cut tomatoes. Pull of some cilantro leaves. Set aside. 2. Cook chicken. Make sure it's cooked through. If you cook chicken breasts, then cut them in half lengthwise so that it isn't so thick. 3. Toast bread. Yum! 4. Assemble sandwich. Eat and enjoy! If you like, you can add some sort of sauce! \ Sorry I forgot to get a outside of the sandwich picture! It was so yummy, I got the inside and we chowed down! What is your favorite sandwich spread/sauce???? I'd love to hear your thoughts!