Hidamari Sketch Championship For a Meal With Manga Author
According to the official website, a quiz championship of Hidamari Sketch will be held this September. The quiz will cover all the Hidamari media such as manga, anime, DVD, web radio programs, live events, games, and goods. The preliminary examination will be held in Hosei University and Osaka University of Commerce in September and the attendees will take one hundred multiple-choice questions. The top 64 will proceed to the final stage to be held this November. The prizes for the champion are as follows: 1. Aoki Ume's original illustration 2. Ito Yoshiaki's original illustration 3. A Meal with Aoki Ume and others 4. A right to have a (feasible) wish about Hidamari come true Source: Hidamari official website Aniplex PR staff presented examples of the quiz. Source: Sendenman Blog