😊[BBCODE] How to add images to your posts, add links to images, post Youtube videos, and other popular tricks
This topic part of our BBcode Tutorials section: Many people have trouble with these popular post tricks but with this guide you can do them easily. You simply need to add BBcode tags to wherever you post text. Just go to what you want below, and click the button to show how. I provide examples and text you can copy to see for yourself. To change your signature, post text and BBcodes here: To change your About Me, post text and BBcodes here: btw for more BBcode info and tricks: Posting Images Posting Youtube Videos Boxes around text Posting Images and Text alongside each other (side by side) Adding Links to Text Adding Links to Images Put stuff into Spoilers Naming Spoilers Customizing Text with color and size, etc Putting quote boxes and text (lines) behind images. If you need help, head to 4:25 in this video to see all BBcode displayed! Plus I have a cool trick at the end for your signature BBcode! :D Timestamps Changing your user pic: 0:23 Changing your forum avatar: 2:25 BBcode to customize posts: 4:25 Customizing your signature: 9:04 Resources Imgur Uploader: EZgif: Starter tutorials for customizing MAL: List layout tutorial: Get quality images: