Graphic Requests
Here, you're allowed to actually ASK for a profile picture, avatar and or signature of your choice. You make the requirements, you give us the specifics, and we'll gladly do our best to help you get that kick ass new profile picture you always wanted! There are 2 ways you can request a profile picture, avatar and or signature. 1. Give us an Anime, Anime Character and or manga. Choose from whichever. 2. Post a picture, and or pictures you would like to have included in the creation. As simple as that. Give us the specifics of what info you want to be displayed, if you are asking for a profile layout. Warning - Some graphic creators may be busy more than others, or the project may take longer depending on your request, so do not expect it to be posted immediately. Check back every now and then, otherwise we will most likely PM you or comment via profile notifying you of your completed project. Thank you! Click Here! for Completed Projects