Is catfishing wrong?
I know this topic sounds funny for most of you guys who pretend to be girls(Ik who you are!) and do it for lol's against fuckbois but thinking a little, do they feel a little remorse or rather pity towards those who build a bond of trust only to find out that the person you liked/loved or bla bla bla is actually a guy behind that girly attitude or a girl behind that boyish personality(which is rare)? Ofc unless you're okay with both ways in case I send my regards to those catfishers. Internet is a big place and all...there a some who gives no fucks about the internet friends and do it just to have fun but for those who actually care about...does it feel like you got dumped? Now I wait for those traps to show up...preparing their "guns" and pew pew on this topic.