People just hating on season 2 for no reason at this point
I feel like this season was destined to be hated the second people found out it wasn’t being animated by madhouse anymore. It’s true that the animation quality has definitely gone down big time compared to the first season but that still doesn't mean the animation is terrible. The animation is actually quite good compared to a lot of anime but it just no where meets the standards set by the first season. Once you get past the animation though, this season is almost as good as the first one. The choice of exploring more about the philosophy of what it means to be a hero and how every hero plays a different part just adds so much to the overall story. I haven’t read the manga but even if it supposedly “was better in the manga” it still works well in the anime. The art may be a buzzkill but it doesn’t justify a hate bandwagon. The fact this season even happened in the first place is a miracle. At the end of the day this season is not perfect and obviously has its issues like any show, but it just seems that a good amount of people are just blindly hating it. If you genuinely don’t like this season for reasons besides the animation, I would like to hear it. I just want to hear someone give a good reason to not like this season.