What is/was your social status at school?
Social kinda stuff interests me for some reason.. So how do or did people see you at high school (or primary school if you insist), what rank were you at on the "popularity ladder". Well I am currently in the 11th grade in high school..and let me tell you one thing, at the amount I got bullied in early high school (8th grade and 9th grade) you would of thought I would have left the school, but no..I secretly lol at those people ^_^ Well in year 8 I was kind of a HUGE social reject, I did not talk to ANYONE, I just sat in the corner of the class and looked at the floor all the time, sometimes I'd try to be funny but only a few people would acknowledge that. I went through an "punk" phase in year 8..I got a "trendy" hair-do and suddenly people talked to me..but I still didn't have friends :D In year 9 I met a boy, who kind of changed me :D He was my only friend at school and we dated for a brief period of time >__< lol. But yeah I went through a "Grand Theft Auto Thug Gangster G" Phase where I played GTA:SA and listened to ''gangsta-shit". Lol I developed a few more friends by the end of the year..then we formed a group. In year 10, my mum insisted I take anxiety medication, because my anxiety got so bad that I would "throw up" when I got But yeah when I started taking them I became a changed person and instead of worrying I focused on school work and became "THE EDUCATION NERD" , I was obsessed with DBZ and Runescape (lololol) and doing my school work. Now in year 11 I'm an Otaku freak who nobody except for my big group of friends talk literally I don't talk to anyone except for the people I sit with at lunch..and I don't really give a shit about my school work. Instead of doing my Modern History test, my friend and I talked about animez for like 1 hour and 15 minutes.. There ya go Sorry that it's freakin' long..