The National Museum of Denmark Gives Insight into their Conservation Process with Nice Before and After Shots | Museum Trade
Here’s a video published on May 6, 2013, this film offers insight into the conservators’ working process as they treat the paintings. See how the artworks are analyzed and cleaned, how flaking paint is reattached, and how the conservators unveil hidden stories. The video isn’t breaking any new ground for those in the conservation field, but perhaps you could gleam a tool in the background or simply enjoy the before an after results. For art preparators, technicians, and handlers you may be interested in the tool cart or their special hanging tool starting at 7:20 into the video. I’m not 100% on how they are using the contraption, but I thought it would be worth a conversation here, or perhaps someone would like to do some investigative journalism, meet a Danish colleague, and call or write the museum’s installation department. If you do, please follow up with the story here on Museum Trade. 22 March – 20 October 2013 Step into a splendid garden filled with flower paintings The exhibition presents a spectacular and lush extravaganza of flower paintings spanning two centuries. Explore familiar and rare exotic flowers – and find strange blooms you have never seen before. A flower is not just a flower The exhibition offers a sensuous walk through the rich variety of the world of flowers, but it also digs deeper to show that a flower is not simply a flower. The artists’ representations of flowers, fruit, and plants are affected by history and the prevalent world view. A picture of a flower is a picture of its own time. Link Directly to the National Gallery of Denmark HERE Report Content Issue: * Spam Invalid Contents Broken Links Copyright Infringement Jerkatude Your Name: * Your Email: * Details: * Submit Report