Announcing UniShare v1.2.1 with cool new features and tons of fixes | | MSiccDev Software Development
Today, we published UniShare version 1.2.1, which has a bunch of new extras and contains a ton of fixes. Here is what is new: UniShare is now available in more languages (German, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian) we added a link to our translator registration page adding a picture from camera/library or pasting from clipboard is now also available when using the Sharing menu of the operating system (because it opens the main app) using our app SimpleLeet Universal, you can convert any update to Leet Speak from within UniShare (SimpleLeet Universal has to be installed and started at least once) using the Microsoft Translator, you can translate your updates no to Klingon - qaStaHvIS batlh! using Giphy, you can search the biggest gif library out there in the web and attach them to your updates as well Here is what has been fixed: the mention suggestion search for Facebook no longer needs upper case letters Import/Export of Sharing Profiles is now fixed, no longer throws errors better handling