Desert trip in Tunesia | |
A friend of mine offered me the great opportunity to join him, his brother and some more friends for a three week off road trip into the western peripheral area of the Sahara in southern Tunesia. There was no real need to ponder hard about it... So Team Viltovergang was revived for another thrilling trip! This is how dunes move, in background you can spot our vehicle. Desert view A white dromedar grazing with his herd on a rare spot of green, we were lucky to see quite a lot green spots a it has been haevily raining a few days before we arrived. Trees like these looked dead dry, but there were some reeeaally small green sprouts on some of them as proof that life had not abandoned them yet. Wind carving the fantastic textures into a dune. Even if the wind is not very strong you still can see it moving the ultra fine grains of sand, so there is steady movement in that region where you get the impression even time holds its breath. Dried out tree, you had to