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This is one of these sentences that never should appear on a blog. But I wanted to say sorry for that long period of idleness. So here are some impressions of a climbing trip I've been doing lately afar from not-blogging: Watzmann (2713m) via ferrata The Watzmannhaus at 1930m which served again as our base camp. This was our third approach for crossing the Watzmann as the years before we didn't attempt it due to bad weather... The "children" of the Watzmann, due to a saga the relentless king Watzmann and his family have been turned into rock by the gods... Here one can see the relays of the via ferrata There were professional climbers, too... But the capricorn was completely ignoring us. That's what is was about, the magnificient ridge and thus it is said this would be one of the most beautiful hikes in the Alps. The play of light and shadow on the opposing mountain flank held a stunning view and the weather always put us under the tension as seemed to turn bad any time. But