Take interest in our children’s perspectives
It was a Sunday afternoon. DeeDee and MeeMee just had lunch in the hall, while AhMah was in the room child-minding the children. "Waaaaa!!! I want MeeMee!" cried BoiBoy. The room door opened and the children ran into the hall. MeeMee heard AhMah explained to DeeDee about how the children were arguing over a toy, as she cleared the table of the plates and leftovers. "They children should be tired, after our morning groceries trip." MeeMee thought, and quickly requested DeeDee to lay the mattresses on the floor for the afternoon nap. BoiBoy was seated on the mattresses as MeeMee and DeeDee stepped into the room. MeeMee asked "Why did you cry?". DeeDee replied, in a story-telling tone "GerGer snatched BoiBoy's toy and BoiBoy snatched GerGer's toy in … Read More Take interest in our children’s perspectives