Stay at home mum gets no slack
Since the start of January I stayed home more. It has been tough, in the sense that BoiBoy gives me no slack. He sticks to me since he was a baby. Now at three years old, he still does and maybe even more. Last evening, he wanted only me to wash him after he pooped, insisted that no one else but me wiped him for the night, refused to let me finish up my dinner and wanted me to play with him. GerGer was making a fuss too as she was tired, and as I sneaked out to finish my dinner I overhead DeeDee and AhMa asking GerGer to rest for the night, and I almost jumped up hitting the roof. I quickly returned into the room and share my view. It was only 8pm and if GerGer fell asleep then, she would likely wake up at around 1 or 2 am, waking AhMa and our helper up, and then falling asleep again … Read More Stay at home mum gets no slack